"the nakkati"

the hidden cut-nose peak


The Nakkati Hill or we can say the hill that is hidden among the hills in the interiors of Bongaigaon district area near Dewangaon, has its peak as a cut-nose-shape. Legends say that it is the reason for its name. Situated at a height of about 300 metres from ground level, it gives delightful joy to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

One has to take the road towards the Bongaigaon Poly-technique institute, towards the Salbari road crossing Mulagaon, till Dhalagaon then Dewangaon on whose east stands the Nakkati. Though the Salbari road takes us till Dewangaon, distances till the Nakkati is completely off road, and has to be carried out either on bikes, cycles or on foot. There also comes a point to cross the Tuniya river, that flows by the Nakkati’s side. After that entire one has to be ready to climb a rocky terrain full of dense forest of about 500 meters to reach the peak.

It is advisable to carry lots of water, sticks for support and ward off wild animals, snakes, wild boars that may be encountered on the way. Minimum of 3 hours is needed to climb to the top with all going at a regular pace. Trekking shoes are compulsory if one has to be safe and risk free. A local guide from the nearby village is also advisable for proper guidance. The local people consider the hill as sacred and pray before climbing it.



Its a 30 minutes ride from Mayapuri area in Bongaigaon town. One can take a tempo, auto or bike from the town to reach till Dhalagaon at max, then trek towards the hill.


Situated at the western lower region of the state of Assam, India this town Bongaigaon has always been a paradise full of greenery and natural surroundings. Be it the Golden Langure at the Kakoijana hill range, only of its kind in the world or the Maa Shakti temple, i.e, the Bageshwari temple, the oldest and main central temple of Bongaigaon, people enjoys blessings for being from this unique region. The climate is one of the best in the entire state, lush green tea gardens, and many more one has to just search for it. But there are also so many places that are still unexplored. Nakkati hill is one such spot awaiting archaeological research, to be explored.

This site is an attempt to bring awareness among people about this very special place.

Hard Rocky Terrain All the way to the top of the hill is this kind of terrain, so don't forget your trekking shoes.
nagg lewa( Arial roots in the shape of snakes) As the shape and size go by it looks like a snake in rolled position is very common here.
When at last you reach the top point, i.e the highest point there are no words to express your happiness. 
the sunset view If not anything the sunset view from the top is nowhere else to be found, just extraordinary!!!
It is said that, somethings are worth exploring!! and yes Nakkati is a must. Hope the information herein pulls more explorer souls to it.